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Collaborative arts series #2
Program, 16–19 September

Together with Prof. Susanne M. Winterling, Kunsthall Trondheim warmly welcomes you to a week full of exciting art events; film screening of Isuma’s One Day in the Life of Noah Piugattuk, presentation by Seeds Saving Ecology and artist talks with Sissel M. Bergh and Solveig Lønseth.

– Monday, September 16, from 6.30pm
ISUMA, Film screening
One Day in the Life of Noah Piugattuk (2019)
In the UN Year of Indigenous Languages, the artist collective and production company Isuma sees the forced relocation of families from an Inuit point of view. The film was Canada’s contribution to the Venice Biennale in 2019 and it was the first time Canada was represented by members of the Inuit population. The film screening is also organized in collaboration with Bastard 2019. Length: 112 min.

–Tuesday, September 17, from 2pm
Saving seeds as seen from the perspective of ecosystems in Norway.

Introduction about seed saving, from collecting (how/when), to screening and cleaning, to proper storage. In addition to this introduction course to seed saving, we will delve deeper to understanding the function of seeds in ecosystems.

Discussion about private-public seeds, what is the aim of gene banks taking the Global Seed Vault as example. Is conserving seeds in a bank the best way to hedge against the loss of diversity and climate change?

Participants: Vibekke Vange (Associate Professor, Department of Natural History at the NTNU), Andrew McMillion and Joëlle Pidoux (Student, the Hochschule für Gestaltung in Offenbach in Main, Germany)

–Wednesday, September 18, From 2pm
SISSEL M. BERGH, Artist talk
Artist talk about Sissel M. Bergh’s practice from unions work to the commission for GIBCA – Göteborg International Biennial for Contemporary Art, which can be seen at GIBCA now.

–Thursday, September 19, From 2pm

SOLVEIG LØNSETH, Artist talk & field trip to the island Garten, Ørland, for studio visit
Solveig Lønseth will introduce her practice and talk especially working w light and the ocean as well as local fauna and flora. After the artist talk, there will be a field trip to the place where her practice draws from.

“The work responds to the room, with the source of natural light as its point of departure; the window. Formally, the work appears as a stretched window fitting, mounted in the upper part of the window sill, from which it extends into the room with a twist towards the wall. The work has the same dimensions as the depth of the inner window sill, and is made of the same material as the window fittings on the facade; Aluzink. The work has a strong process-based character, and reflects upon traditional photography processes, to the time of exposure and development bath.”

Info about the fieldtrip: The house is on the island Garten. Garten has been connected to the mainland by a little bridge since 1948. From Trondheim, there is a hurtigbåt to Brekstad, and from Brekstad there is a local bus to Garten. Press here for link to the destination for the fieldtrip.


Sissel M. Bergh (b. 1974) is educated from the National Academy of fine arts, Oslo, Norway, and University of Technology – Fine Art Department, Durban, South Africa. She has lived and worked in Lusaka, Zambia – were she co-founded the Munandi Art Studio. Currently based in Trondheim, Norway, she received a 5-year working grant by the Arts council in Norway in 2015. She is currently working to develop a series of experimental short documentaries: knowhowknow – supported by the MidtNorsk film center , and a book project, Ajmodh ajtodh – collecting traces of Saami culture at the coast of Møre and Trøndelag (Nordland).

Solveig Lønseth
(b. 1986, Inderøy, Norway) lives and works in Oslo and Trondheim. She holds a Master from Oslo Academy of Fine Art (2015). In 2018, she received the Photography arts Prize (Fotokunstprisen) from The Relief Fund for Visual Artists (Bildende Kunstnernes Hjelpefond, BKH). Lønseth has upcoming solo shows at Kunstnerforbundet, Oslo and Levanger Kunstforening in 2020.