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Film screening:
Fabrizio Terranova: Donna Haraway: Story Telling for Earthly Survival (2016)
Thursday, April 27

Fabrizio Terranova’s film about Donna Haraway was produced in 2016, and have since then been widely screened and appreciated. Earlier this month, Tate Modern described it as ”A playful and candid portrait of one of the most important living thinkers”, in connection to the UK premiere at Tate.

On Thursday April 27 you have the possibility to see it here in Trondheim, as a part of the programme during Marjetica Potrč’s exhibition On Coexistence.

Donna Haraway is indeed one of the most influential thinkers today, renegotiating the notion and place of the human. She is a feminist, a prominent scholar in the field of science and technology, and a science-fiction enthusiast. Her book A Cyborg Manifesto, a work on gender, identity, and technology was published already in the 80s, and made her an important reference for artists and writers and a strong presence in current debates on societal and environmental issues. Her recent book Staying with the Trouble: Making Kin in the Chtulucene (2016) questions the notion of the Anthropocene and proposes instead to describe our time as one marked by close and entangled relations between the human and the non-human. There is simply no way we can see the human as a solitary entity anymore.

Story Telling for Earthly Survival is a playful encounter with Haraway and her dog Cayenne in their Southern California home, as well as an introduction to Haraway’s thinking.

Fabrizio Terranova says about his film: ”I wanted to be in tune with the playful dimension that is ever-present with Donna. It’s a way of ceasing to think that laughter and having fun are for stupid people. Once we’re all agreed that we’re living in a world in ruins, the ways in which we go about tackling the possibilities for change are important.” (From an interview with Sophie Soukias, BRUZZ 2016)

The film screening is included in the entrance ticket.