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Duch, Welsh & Saue performs John Cage’s Ryoanji
Thursday, December 14

Welcome to a concert at Kunsthall Trondheim!

On Thursday, December 14, Michael Duch, Sigurd Saue and Jeremy Welsh will fill the gallery of the kunsthall with John Cage’s composition Ryoanji from 1983. An introduction to the piece will be given before the concert. Free entrance.

Michael Francis Duch – contrabass
Sigurd Saue – spatialization
Jeremy Welsh – visuals

In 1983, John Cage began a composition-in-progress called Ryoanji, named after the rock garden in Kyoto, Japan. This garden consists of a collection of fifteen rocks, placed in a landscape of raked, white sand. The soloists represent the stones of the garden, the accompaniment the raked sand.

The concert is part of an ongoing artistic research project by Michael Duch, Sigurd Saue and Jeremy Welsh. ”The Impossible Room” deals with spatiality and site-specificity creating new virtual as well as actual sonic and visual spaces. Here a Japanese rock garden from the Zen temple Ryoanji is artisticly recreated and dwelled upon.