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Dr. Camilla Ulleland Hoel
Thinking the Other through Science Fiction
Tuesday, December 19

Alternative Alien Alterity: Thinking the Other through Science Fiction

‘Science fiction is not predictive’, Ursula K. Le Guin wrote, ‘it is descriptive’. Feminist writers of science fiction have used the genre to discuss questions of alterity and power in their own societies, and to explore alternative modes of being. This ability to rethink the world through fiction serves as a profoundly political practice. In this talk Dr. Camilla Ulleland Hoel (Royal Norwegian Air Force Academy) looks at feminist science fiction’s attempts to present us with new ways of seeing the systems of power and alterity that surround us.

The talk will follow a tour and discussion of the exhibition A New We with programme curator Carl Martin Faurby.

1.15pm – 2pm Guided tour and discussion
2pm – 2.45pm Lecture by Dr. Camilla Ulleland Hoel
2.45pm – 3.30pm Discussion

The event is free and open for all and made in cooperation with NTNU GenderHub. The exhibition is co-curated with Laboratory for Aesthetics and Ecology.