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Artist talk: Wayne Siegel
Monday, November 13

Welcome to an artist talk with the American composer Wayne Siegel, known among other thing for his wirk with live-electronics, interactive dance and multimedia composition since the 1980s.

Siegel has been working in Denmark since the 1970s, when he moved there from the States to study with Per Nørgård. It has been written about Siegel that «with his American background, Wayne Siegel occupies a unique position in Danish music. This background has quite naturally led him to feel less bound by European tradition than other composers in Denmark, and Siegel’s wholehearted adherence to an aesthetic derived from American minimalism represents in itself a consistency and strength that is exceptional. His use of electronics and computers is perhaps also of American derivation, but his work in this field has undoubtedly had a major impact on a new generation of Danish composers».

As a part of the talk, Siegel will perform the piece Two Hands (not clapping), a piece for solo performer and computer. The camera image from the built-in web-cam on a laptop computer is divided into twelve fields, each controlling a sound. The sounds respond to my hand gestures, allowing me to perform a sort of ritual: taking on the role of something between a magician and a conductor. Two Hands (not clapping) was commissioned by the Dark Music Days (Reykjavik) 2010 with financial support from the Danish Arts Foundation.

After the performance, Siegel will answer any questions from the audience, and there will be a demo of the interactive music system used in the composition. and the audience.