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Artist talk
Frank Ekeberg
Saturday, October 28

Welcome to artist talk with Frank Ekeberg, Saturday October 28, 2pm. In the group show A New We you can experience the work Birding the Future by Frank Ekeberg and Krista Caballero.

Birding the Future (2013-2017) highlights extinction of species with special focus on birds as bioindicator of the condition of the climate. The interactive installation invites the public to use it – to listen to endangered and extinct bird calls and to view visionary avian landscapes through a set of stereoscopic cards and video. Birding the Future explores how declining bird populations signal profound changes over our entire planet, and discusses what happens when we only can see and hear certain species through technology.

A New We will unfold in two ‘chapters’. Sunday October 29 is the last chance to experience Birding the Future by Frank Ekeberg and Krista Caballero. Chapter 2, with a special presentation of Johannes Heldén, will open November 2. Th exhibition is co-curated with Laboratory for Aesthetics and Ecology, in collaboration with Kunsthall Trondheim.