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Baby performance
Neither Fish nor Fowl
Saturday, November 25

Neither Fish nor Fowl is a theatre project about strange animals and transformations. We welcome children and adults to experience a unique performance while the project is still under development! Maybe will it be your experience that will result in the performance taking a new turn?

There is a diversity of species on earth. We often categorize humans and other animals into a hierarchical system, with humans is on top. Neither Fish nor Fowl asks questions regarding this system. Small children often meet animals as equals, with strong expressions as joy, curiosity, fear or tenderness.

In this performance children will get to meet three strange and lonely animals which become friends, in a world that is in continuous transformation.

The performance has different target groups for each time.
Saturday, October 14: 0-2 years
Sunday, November 5: 3-5 years
Saturday, November 25: 0-2 years

Free entrance.