Kunsthall Trondheim
Past event

Home in Poetry

Claire Fontaine: Foreigners Everywhere (Trondheim edition) (2016). Foto: Christina Undrum Andersen.

Poetry is a nomadic language. We can travel, get lost and feel at home in poetry, when there are no other places we feel at home. «Home in Poetry» is a poetry event that looks beyond borders and towards the common language of poetry. We invite poets from all over the world to join in a conversation about poetry and belonging as well as read their poetry. Programme 7 – 8.30pm: Readings and conversation with Biko Olwethu (Xhosa), Gulabuddin Sukhanwar (Dari), Ashur Etwebi (Arabic), Marte Huke (Norwegian/Bokmål), Asieh Amini (Persian), Haile Bizen (Tigrinya) and Kaisa Aglen (Norwegian/Nynorsk). Moderated by Adria Scharmen and Carl Martin Faurby. 8.30 – 10.30pm: Open Mic, moderated by Poetry Nights Trondheim’s host Olga Lehmann. This event has been inspired by Claire Fontaine’s art work Foreigners Everywhere (Trondheim edition) (2016), that is currently on view in Kunsthall Trondheim’s main exhibition room. Co-organized with Trondheim Municipality. Trondheim Municipality is an ICORN member city (International Cities of Refuge Network). The conversation will be in English and readings will be in the poem’s original languages. The event is free.