Kunsthall Trondheim
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Kunstnersamtale: Yngvild Sæter: Minnet om døden

Yngvild Sæter. Photo: Pierre Bjørk/faksimile Vogue Scandinavia.

What does the memory of your own death look like?

Artist Yngvild Sæter work seeks to capture such a memory through her sculptures.

Saturday 24 June at 2 pm 14.00 she meets curator Katrine Elise Agpalza Pedersen to talk about her artistic investigations into the memory of death from her own near-death experience during a brain operation, and how this traumatic memory can be reactivated as something both strengthening and healing.

Central to Sæter's near-death experience was a specific visual figure, which the artist refers to as a primal form that has been speculated to appear to people when they have found themselves on the border between life and death. In this way, the sculpture represents the experience of security that can lie in a memory; a common bodily memory image across people and time.

You can see the embodiment of this memorial image in the work The Auryn (altar XXIX) (2023), which premieres at Kunsthall Trondheim this summer.

Please note that the conversation will be held in Norwegian.

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