Kunsthall Trondheim
Past event

Man and machine – Who controls whom?

Fra venstre, Carl Martin Faurby, Morten Lind og Michelle Teran. Foto: Kunsthall Trondheim

Have we subjected ourselves to machines, or do they constitute new ways for us to organize? Research Scientist in Robotics at SINTEF Morten Lind, and newly appointed Associate Professor at the Trondheim Academy of Fine Art (KiT) Michelle Teran, will give us a critical insight in to contemporary relationships between technology, work and the human body.

Traditionally machines have been developed to replicate working tasks performed by the human body but now we are also developing systems to perform tasks done by the human mind. Because of this we have to evaluate current technological developments as well as rethink our relationship with our tools.

Morten Lind will share his knowledge about the development of cyber-physical systems; systems for complex tasks using internet-, user and algorithmic data, while Teran will tell us about her many experiences with technology, as a tool for social organization.

This talk offers an interdisciplinary context to the works by Kajsa Dahlberg and Alexandra Pirici in the current exhibition at Kunsthall Trondheim: In the film Reach, Grasp, Move, Position, Apply Force (2015) Kajsa Dahlberg investigates Methods -Time Measurement (MTM). It aims to find the standard time in which a certain task should be completed by the worker. The method which was developed during the 1940s is constantly being refined and excels in today’s time controlled labour in Amazon warehouses and Apple manufacturers in China. The changed condition of work within our post industrial society forms the ground for Alexandra Pirici’s Monument to Work. The work builds on interviews and research on movements performed by industrial workers through their working life. These movements, choreographed by the artist, are enacted by a group of people, forming a living monument, in the exhibition space.

The discussion will be held in English. The event is free once you have paid admission to Kunsthall Trondheim.

Michelle Teran claims a hybrid practice that links political and social involvement to contemporary art actions. She critically engages media, connectivity and perception in the city, utilizing the language of surveillance, cartography and social networks. She incorporates strategies of translation and contemporary archiving practices within social media. Her multidisciplinary works span film, text, performance, installation, online works, participatory events and interventions in public space. She completed her doctoral studies at the Bergen Academy of Art and Design (KHIB) within the Norwegian Artistic Research Fellowship Programme, 2016. Teran is currently Associate professor at Kunstakademiet i Trondheim, NTNU.

Morten Lind grew up in the central part of Denmark. Being inspired by his father’s job as a manufacturing engineer, he became technically interested. Lind has a specialisation in robotics and manufacturing technology from the The University of Southern Denmark. Lind has been working at SINTEF since 2004 only interrupted by acquiring a PhD degree in production technology and holding a post doctoral position at NTNU. Control and automation of manufacturing systems has been a consistent and central part of his work over the past 12 years.