Kunsthall Trondheim
Past event


Bilde fra omvisning med medkuratorene Laboratory for Aesthetics and Ecology, 15. september, 2017. Her foran Rosemary Lees Symbiotic Sound (2017), i utstillingen Et Nytt Vi. Foto: Kunsthall Trondheim

Don’t miss the opportunity to see the exhibitions A New We and Notes From Underground with Lisa Tan. Today is the last day of both shows. Welcome to guided tour at 6pm. Free admission.

The group exhibition A New We will unfold in two chapters. Chapter 2 presents works by the artist and poet Johannes Heldén. The exhibition is co-curated with Laboratory for Aesthetics and Ecology. Participating artists: Amanda Ackerman & Dan Richert, Honey Biba Beckerlee, Ursula Biemann, Karin Bolender, Krista Caballero & Frank Ekeberg, FRAUD (Fran Gallardo & Audrey Samson), Johannes Heldén, Kathy High, Oskar Jakobsen, Arendse Krabbe, Rosemary Lee, Rachel Mayeri, Angela Rawlings and Asbjørn Skou.

Notes From Underground presents works by Lisa Tan, an American artist now living in Stockholm. The exhibition is presented in the lower galleries at Kunsthall Trondheim and contains a series of three films, each with a female writer at the centre, and two installation works, Moving a Mountain (2008) and National Geographic (2009), which precedes the films. Together they form a line of thinking and express the artist’s interest in liminality, in-between-ness.