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Hong-Kai Wang
The Broken Orchestra Live in Trondheim
October 9, 2013, 7 pm

Performers: Audun Eriksen (a variety of instruments), Kyrre Låstad (percussion), Mette Henriette Rølvåg (sax), Bergmund Skaslien (viola) and Petter Vågan (guitar).

Hong-Kai Wang is an artist who works mainly with sound. Her practice includes processes involved in the production and performance of sound as well as their political and social contexts, and, not least, the organisation of listening. In several of her pieces she has employed collective processes, discussions and workshops.

On October 9th Hong-Kai Wang presents The Broken Orchestra Live in Trondheim, a performance that will take place at Dokkhuset. Based on an audio recording from the artist’s childhood in which she and her brother performed Bach’s Ave Maria, she invites a group of Trondheim-based professional musicians to collaborate. The performance will not be rehearsed or planned beforehand and the musicians are free to form the event in improvisation. The performance will rely on their shared discussion and interpretation, which is a frequently recurring gesture in Wang’s work.

The performance will be followed by an artist talk in the format of a conversation between Hong-Kai Wang and curator Helena Holmberg. The event is a collaboration with Trondheim Art Academy.

Hong-Kai Wang is based in Vienna. She has exhibited worldwide. Her work Music While We Work is currently presented at MoMA, New York. Recent activities include the project What’s the Musical Consequence of Change? at Arnold Schoenberg Center, Vienna.