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Marco Armiero

KULTURNATT 2018:«Welcome to the Wasteocene: Sabotaging the Anthropocene through Guerrilla Narrative”Foredrag av Marco ArmieroGratis adgang Foredraget vil holdes på engelsk.

In conjunction with the exhibition Rivers of Emotion, Bodies of Ore and as the opening of ARTEC Seminar Series this Fall, Kunsthall Trondheim presents a talk with one of the founders of the environmental history field in Italy – Marco Armiero.

Marco Armiero, the Director of the Environmental Humanities Laboratory and the founder of ToxicBios, an archive of personal stories of contamination and resistance at the KTH / Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, is one of the most recognized environmental historians and environmental humanities scholars. His research focuses on toxic waste, migrations and environment, and climate change, the city, science, and power in ecological conflicts, and he works on environmental justice at global, local, and transnational scales. Armiero is the author of numerous articles, chapters, and books, including A Rugged Nation: Mountains and the Making of Modern Italy, and a (co)editor of groundbreaking Environmental History of Modern Migrations, Future Remains: A Cabinet of Curiosities for the Anthropocene. At KTH, he leads the Occupy Climate Change! project researching grassroots innovations in New York, Istanbul, Rio, Stockholm, and Naples. Earlier he has been post-doctoral fellow and visiting scholar at Yale University, UC Berkeley, Stanford, amongst others.

«Welcome to the Wasteocene” opens the fall ARTEC Seminar Series devoted to the humanities, technology, ecology, and the arts. The event in connection to the exhibition Rivers of Emotion, Bodies of Ore at Kunsthall Trondheim, and is in collaboration with NTNU ARTEC.